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Medical Offices

Medical Cleaning goes way beyond outward appearance. Therefore, a simple ‘surface clean & pickup’ isn’t enough for running a reputable & successful office. We clean with health in mind; implementing cross contamination elimination practices that help our clients avoid opportunities for the transmission of infectious agents among patients and staff.

Considering that the standard of cleanliness is higher for medical offices, Medical Cleaning goes way beyond outward appearance. It’s a science that requires deep knowledge of cleaning procedures for healthcare facilities to achieve the most sanitary cleaning result.

We utilize cutting edge technology and cleaning practices to ensure your office is getting a consistent clean that is suitable for your specific environment.


We have a team of highly trained and dedicated cleaning superstars, meaning your educational or childcare facility is in capable hands. With developing immune systems, it is imperative that children are exposed to safer indoor environments as they learn & grow. We partner with local directors & principals to provide professional green cleaning services. By eliminating threats of poison, and limiting environmental asthma, or allergic reactions, we help create a safer home away from home for both children & staff. You will have peace of mind that after every visit, your facility will be clean & sanitized properly.

Plus, our commercial cleaning services are flexible enough to accommodate your academic calendar, offering a tailored & comprehensive cleaning package.

General Offices

We believe a clean & tidy work environment is an efficient and happy place to be! By providing your employees & visitors with a clean & safe space to thrive, you increase productivity, elevate your brands perception, & effectively raise your bottom line.

Whether you have a large team, see a lot of foot traffic, or trying to attract new commercial tenants, the way your space ‘feels’ at first impression and on a lasting basis will determine how your building or brand is perceived. A professional office cleaning partner with the experience, technique, and systems to properly take care of your space is an essential part of your quality equation.


Great auto buying experiences start with stellar first impressions. Every time an autoshopper walks through your door, they must be met with a clean & tidy showroom in order to make that first impression great. 

Plus, you want the autoshopper’s attention to be focused on the shiny new cars, not messy floors or walls. The cleaning services we provide complement the image you are trying to project & assist in boosting your dealership’s reputation. With our superior cleaning technology, we help you achieve the desired result. 

Places of Worship

Did you know our commercial cleaning services can save your place of worship time & money? For one, we can come in and give your religious facility a thorough scrub in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Also, we use our own supplies & technology to make your place of worship clean and tidy, meaning you don’t have to spend your own money on acquiring any expensive cleaning solutions or equipment. 

Furthermore, we hire and insure all our staff, which means you don’t have to worry about worker’s compensation, other taxes, or liabilities involved with hiring a full or part time cleaning staff. With our services, you are treated to fast & effective cleaning solutions while minimizing labor costs, allowing your place of worship to thrive.

Multi-tenant Commercial Building

As a landlord or facilities/property manager, attracting and keeping new tenants is a competitive environment. Therefore making sure the indoor facilities are clean & properly maintained is an essential piece of your quality equation.

We understand you have multiple responsibilities and building spaces to look after and coordinate services and maintenance for. The cleanliness of the rentable perimeter should be a one time thought and dependable occurrence day in and day out. Partnering with KinderKlean means that we handle the daytime porter work and/or nighttime cleaning crew so you don’t have to.

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