We’ve been using KinderKlean for a couple months now, and I have to say they do a very nice job. They have taken the worry off my shoulders of keeping our shared space clean, so I don’t have to even give it a thought anymore. Jess and Mike are very professional, flexible, and accommodating. I’m sure they will do very well here in the Greater Danbury area.
Mia Reichl
King Street Early Learning Center

KinderKlean’s Promise To You

No Missed days

Working with KinderKlean means you’ll never have to come to your office in the morning to find a messy office in disarray. Being business owners ourselves, we understand that you have a million and one things to do to keep your business running smoothly and your staff working towards the same common goal. That’s why we leverage proven systems and cutting edge technology to ensure your cleaners always show up. And if they don’t, we’ll know way before you do and can send out a replacement team who will know all of the isms of getting your office where it needs to be for the next day.

Seamless Communication

The biggest complaint we get when speaking to prospective clients is their difficulty with getting in touch with their cleaning service; and when they’re able to, they ultimately do not feel like they’re being heard or understood. We view every client relationship as a partnership - one that with attentive  care, will last for years to come. That’s why we offer various options for getting in touch with us when you need us. One option is a Log Book kept at every location for daily communication when needed. Text, call, email, or send a carrier pigeon - however you’d like to reach out and be reached, we’ve got you covered. We operate to serve your cleaning needs and make every effort to ensure that we understand your expectations, pet peeves, special requests, and needs of your space.

Consistent Service

You and your peers have spoken so we’ve listened. One of the biggest pet peeves with hiring a cleaning service is that their performance is not consistent and it’s expected that after the 3 month honeymoon period, more and more issues begin to arise. That’s why we always check in with all of our accounts on scheduled rotation to make sure we’re reaching out to you to see how things are going and not waiting for you to have the time to reach out to us. We continue to use cutting edge technology to stay in touch with our cleaners as well as you and your team to make sure expectations are met and your tailored service schedule is being meticulously followed.

Responsible Business

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Professional Cleaners

To us, cleaning matters. So when you decide to bring KinderKlean on board as your partner cleaning service, we take that as our professional responsibility to provide a clean and safe environment for anyone who enters  your office. Our cleaners are selected through a vigorous interviewing and trial process to make sure we’re only bringing in those who not only represent our business well, but have the ability to make yours shine too. Everyone is background checked, goes through our extensive training program, and is in uniform for every scheduled shift. That way, you can know and trust every cleaner who has access to your office.

Always Exceeds Expectation

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