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Leave It To Us Guarantee


KinderKlean System

Are you tired of…

  • People complaining about the cleanliness of your space?
  • Taking time out of your busy day to try to reach your cleaning service?
  • Wondering what your cleaners actually do around there?
  • You and your staff having to stay late to clean up your space?
  • Feeling like you’re not getting what you pay for from your cleaners?
  • Wondering what your cleaners actually do around there?
  • Uninsured/underinsured cleaning companies?
  • Having no peace of mind because your cleaners don’t guarantee their work?

Are you ready to leave all of this in the past?

‘First impressions are important, but it’s the lasting impressions we work hard for.’
Jess Bar, Co-Founder

Cleaning for Health & Reputation

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‘We believe in challenging the status quo. We do that by completely removing the unwanted burden of
focusing on anything cleaning related for our clients.’
Mike Mak, Co-Founder

Leave It To Us Guarantee

Focus on more important areas of running your business while we handle all things cleaning related!

  • Reliable –No Missed Days or we credit you a WEEK!*
  • Consistent Service – Ensured through Routine Quality Control Checks
  • Safety & Security – All cleaners are background checked and in uniform when onsite
  • Reach Us When You Need Us – Attentive & Friendly Customer Service with 24/7 access
  • Responsible – Full General Liability Insurance
  • Uninsured/underinsured cleaning companies?

*a ‘missed’ day is a no call/no show

KinderKlean is fully insured to protect your facility and our employees. Upon signature of Service Agreement, every client receives a Certificate of Insurance.

Why KinderKlean?

KinderKlean started with a very clear and very simple mission – to provide quality office cleaning services that people can
rely on and not have to worry about. With 2+ decades in the industry, We’re creating a new experience for business
owners, office managers, school directors, operations managers and landlords – one where they know working with
KinderKlean, means they ‘Leave the Cleaning to Us!’.

KinderKlean understands that everyday you have so many responsibilities, things to take care of, and worry about. The cleanliness of your facility does not have to be one of them!


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