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The KinderKlean System

Here’s why germs & dust don’t stand a chance…

Microfiber Cloths, Dusters, & Mops

We use only microfiber products that capture and remove more dirt and bacteria than traditional methods.

HEPA Filter Vacuums

Our high filtration vacuums utilize at least 3 separate HEPA filters; capturing harmful particles and preventing them from leaking out of the vacuum.

Reducing Cross Contamination

Our microfiber cleaning products are color coded and frequently laundered to prevent cross contamination (so your bathroom mop isn’t used in your kitchen).

Organic All Purpose Concentrate

Safer for adults, children, and the environment. Yet cleans more effectively than harsh & toxic commercial chemicals.

OSHA Approved Germicide

We use a neutral pH germicidal and detergent that disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes. EPA registered and effective against over 60 harmful pathogens.

Daily Disinfecting Practices

Our goal is to help you reduce absenteeism by paying special attention where other cleaners won’t. We take extra time to clean & disinfect high touch areas throughout the school to stop the spread of germs in their tracks.

What You Can Expect with KinderKlean

Attentive & Friendly Customer Service 

You’ll never speak to an automated service. All clients have direct contact to us during business hours to discuss any requests or issues.

English Speaking 

Your main contact will always speak English so we can communicate effectively with you and your center.

Highly Trained & Experienced Green Cleaners

We provide extensive, hands on training for all cleaners. They are all subject to background checks before coming on board and never sub contracted to our accounts. Each cleaner is always an employee of KinderKlean.

Paper & Soap Supplies

Upon request, you can easily set up orders with us for environmentally friendly supplies at your center.

24 Hour Access 

All supervisors & team members carry cell phones for emergency access and to communicate effectively with you.


KinderKlean’s Guarantee to You

Peace of Mind

Focus on more important areas of running your center while an experienced and reliable team handles the cleaning.

Stellar Communication

Prompt and English speaking communication with 24 Hour text support available.

Create a Healthier Environment

Green cleaning products that are safer for your center, the environment, and are more effective than harsh & toxic commercial chemicals.

Professionals Who are Reliable

No missed cleans – or we’ll credit you a week!

Increased Attendance

Less child absences and teacher call outs allows your center to run smoother.

Keep Asthma & Allergies at Bay

Teachers and children will enjoy increased productivity, focus, and well being with better indoor air quality.

Better Public Image

Regain or reinforce confidence in your center’s success a new and current parents take notice of your consistent and healthier cleaning practices.


Say Goodbye To

Wasting budget on disappointing cleaning performances

Negative word of mouth damaging your center’s reputation

Headaches due to unreliable communication

Fearing visits & possible citations by the Board of Education

Spending time after hours cleaning your center yourself

KinderKlean understands that everyday you have so many responsibilities, things to take care of, and worry about. The general cleanliness of your center does not have to be one of them.

KinderKlean is fully insured to protect our employees & your center.

Getting Started is Easy!

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  4. Relax knowing your home away from home is now cleaner and safer than ever!


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